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The Promise of God


All those pious personalities who came into this world were first of all backed and supported by the poor and crushed persons and it was the rich, powerful, and so-called religious monopolists who were the first to oppose them. The Right, at its start, has always been weak but it inheres the quality to survive and overshadow the wrong. The weakest ray of light has the capability of shaking the thickest clouds of darkness. The ill luck of man through the centuries has been that he blindly worships the old traditions and conventions and tries to defend his self-made institutions even at the risk of his life. This was the psychological flaw that was always exploited by the champions of wickedness.


A glance at the reign of Pharaoh Ramansis will show that he had gone to the extreme extent of tyranny and oppression. The sons of Israel were suffering the severest punishment. Their children were being murdered; the masses were compelled to work for nothing, day and night. The men and women were leading a more miserable life than that of the animals. A scholar of this crushed nation was directed by the revelation that the whole nation should pray for their liberation. They prayed for forty days. All the men, women, and children lamented for their liberation in the congregation. God Almighty accepted their prayer and deputed Moses for their deliverance. The Bible says:


  • And it came to pass in process of time that the king of Egypt died: and the children of Israel sighed by reason of the bondage, and they cried, and their cry came up unto God by reason of the bondage. And God heard their groaning.”

Exodus chapter 2 (23-24)

God directed Moses while he was at the Mount of Horeb as follows:

“Now therefore, behold, the cry of the children of Israel is come unto me: and I have also seen oppression wherewith the Egyptians oppress them. Come now, therefore, and I will send thee unto Pharaoh, that thou mayest bring forth my people the children of Israel out of Egypt.

Exodus chapter 3 (9-10)


The preceding revelation sent to Moses was because of the lamentation of Israel. Had they not done it, their deliverance would have been delayed. Moses was deputed for their deliverance and he showed many miracles to the Pharaoh, his relatives, and his courtiers. The Israelites also witnessed the said miracles, but the love for Egyptian traditions always excited them to disobey the orders of God. They, time and again, asked Moses who was their deliverer “You did not do any good to take us out of Egypt. We were leading a good life there.” They repeated this sentence continuously before being given ‘Manna’ and quails and also after getting the same, they used to talk like that to get their demands accepted. The Bible is full of their such like stupid dialogues.


It was simply their love for tradition that they always preferred the oppression of Pharaoh to the heavenly favors bestowed upon them. Their love for tradition took them to the extent that they started worshipping a calf and thus nullified the whole labor of Moses. There was also a group among them who understood the real preaching of Moses and practiced the same with sincerity. There were two groups in the Ummah of Moses, one of those loved right, and the other comprised of the wicked and the hypocrites.


God made different promises with these two groups. The infidels and the hypocrites were promised that they would meet a bad end at a specific hour and the believers and pious (who were quite less in number, weak, and oppressed) were promised prosperity and salvation. They were also told to become the rulers of the earth enjoying it for a long time. All the prophets of Israel continued to repeat the said promises to both the groups of the people to whom they were deputed. Every prophet gave glad tidings of a pleasant future to the pious, patient, and firm believers of their Ummah, and also advised them always to stand by the truth. The prophets were cautious of the fact that the continuous rule of tyranny and infidelity may not dismay the believers; therefore they asked to endure all that with patience and courage and side by side told them that the promises of God will be fulfilled soon. They should not get despaired due to afflictions and trials.


Christ during his time attested to the Old Testament and did not abrogate it. He ordered me to put the same into practice sincerely. But the so-called religious monopolists who were blinded by the love of their self-made traditions stood firmly against the worshippers of Right; with the result that the righteous persons were put to tyranny and were sent to prison. Their life, property, and honor were not safe.


The righteous people have always to face four classes of persons;


(i) External enemies                      (ii) Internal Enemies


(iii) External friends                      (iv) Internal friends


In every age, internal friends fall prey to tyranny and oppression. The external and internal foes are always after this class of people. The external friends remain neutral. At every age only these internal friends are oppressed and crushed; but against all the fearful odds they never depart from the right path. They always obey their spiritual leaders through thick and thin. The external foes try to wipe them off the face of the earth. The internal foes try to have control over them and to achieve this control they play new tricks. Internally they employ all sorts of intrigues. They try to mislead their internal friends and by tricks force them to support them. They also try to get them killed by whipping the biases and other sorts of prejudices. If the chance affords, they try to conspire with the external enemies. The oppressed class remains the same viz. those who love the right sincerely and offer all sorts of sacrifices for the same. They can be compared to a herd of sheep whose murderer is a wolf as well as the shepherd.


There are many who try to harm them. Some try to harm them financially, some economically, some get them murdered in the name of religion and others commit their political assassination. This class sustains all these oppressions with the single hope that time is not far off when there will be an eternal heavenly rule. The atrocities committed by the oppressors will meet their end. The eternal rule and the sway on earth will be delivered to the deprived class and all oppression meted out to them will be redeemed and they will have every pleasure available on the face of the earth. This is the divine promise that has been made with all the oppressed persons of all times: do not worry, try to lead the small span of this life somehow or the other. Then a time full of joy will come.


The same happened with the ummah of the Holy Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H). The same drama with the same characters is also visible here. The same internal and external foes are trying to harm sincere people. The oppression, tyranny, imprisonment, murder, looting, exiling of the poor; and have-nots with the same financial and political assassination continue. We see that the personality whose truthfulness was attested by the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) in the following words:


‘There is no truthful person under the sky more than Abuzar Ghaffari”, but we see this person being whipped and exiled. The righteous persons form a single class in whatever religion they may be. They have no mutual dispute because the right is not changeable

There is no difference between the scientists of various religions and nations about the equations of chemistry. H2O undisputedly stands for water. No one will try to differ because it is a truth. Similarly, the reality of a true religion is never disputable. Various labels are not reality. We can identify the right by the following signs: The right is oppressed not oppressor, the right can be cheated but it cannot cheat, it can be teased but it can not tease. The righteous persons present sacrifices but do notdemand the same for themselves. Righteous persons suffer the harms but do not harm anyone. Lord God has promised a pleasant future for this very class and those who are otherwise have been threatened with punishment, revenge and hell. In every age a similar set of promises continued to be extended which proves that the class to which it was extended is the same and their religion is one and the same. viz. the pleasure of God.



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