Book StoryWorthy Elia (A.S.)
Hazrat Imam Mahdi (A.S)

Worthy Elia (A.S.)


Many religions are waiting for Elia (A.S). There is a difference between names but the personality and his specialties are the same. The Jews and Christians know him by the name of Elia(A.S). But in Islam, he has been presented in different ways. The sum and substance is as follows:


  1. He will come before the appearance of Christ. Christ will not take long after his (Elia’s) arrival.
  2. He will pave the way for his successors and will facilitate the recognition between the righteous and the wrongdoers.
  3. Either slightly before or along with him will come three Prophets namely Akhnukh (Idrees), Khizer, and Ilias (A.S), and Christ will come after all of these.
  4. He will be having a rod and a ring viz. the rod of Moses and the ring of Solomon. He will touch the foreheads of individuals with the ring and their reality will become imprinted. It will be clearly written whether the said individual is a believer or a non-believer.



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