Book StoryA Realistic Analysis

A Realistic Analysis

What is religion?

A simple answer to this question is “A requitable way.”

Every religion has two basic facets:

  1. Spiritual (belief)
  2. Practical (rituals).

The spiritual facet has two further parts:

(i) Perceptible                   (ii) Non-Perceptible

The practical facet has also two more branches:

(i) Spiritual                        (ii) Moral

Each of them is further divided into two branches:

(i) Rational                         (ii) Mandatory.

There are things, which are forbidden or allowed by reason and there are others that have been forbidden or allowed by God’s order. So good and evil are of two kinds. One kind is specified by human reason and the other is defined by the prophets in the light of divine revelations. The following diagram will further elaborate the preceding thesis.

Reflective facet of the religion deals with beliefs and ideology. It is concerned more with the life hereafter and less with life in this world. This is a link between the creator and the individual. It is a secret link. This is a secret path which leads to the Lord of all lords (God).In the modern age there would be very few foolish persons who would like to have so many beloveds. On the other hand all the notable personages of all the religions like to have one Beloved (God). There is no doubt that there is a variety of means and ways to reach the Ultimate Reality. Lord God is no doubt one only. No religion either denies the oneness of God or attributes any offspring to Him.In Bible itself, the Christ, whenever talks about himself, he says that he is the son of Adam. All the Muslims proclaim themselves to be the “Sons of Unity”. Thus they consider God like a kind Father. They actually do not claim to be the real sons of God. This is something else, if someone takes this metaphor literally. Such a believer is free to express his love for God in the way he likes. This is between him and his Creator. No one else can interfere. Religion does not allow any sort of interference in the beliefs of others. Even if someone denies the presence of God, we should not coerce him to believe. We should try to persuade him with love and logic. Persuasion at pistol point is strictly prohibited. If some-one is not amenable to arguments, we should leave him by saying “Your religion for you and ours for us”. (Al Quran)

Islam enjoins no coercion in matters of religion.

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