Book StoryThe Spiritual Contact With The Last Great Reformer

The Spiritual Contact With The Last Great Reformer


It is just possible that this book may be taken as a book of mysticism or mythology. A faction of the public may say that when the Last Reformer emerges, we shall see to it. Since he is not present at the moment, why should we bother him presently?


I will submit to both sets of readers that if someone considers that the Last Guide and the Great Reformer are not present in the present age, it is a great misconception on his part. It is not just on the part of God Almighty that the representative of evil (Devil) might be present and there should be no representative of good. So no age has ever remained without a Divine Reformer. This is something else that he might be waiting for a proper moment to introduce himself in that capacity, as was the deliverer of the Sons of Israel waiting in the house of Pharaoh for appropriate time or he was waiting to be opportune in the pastures of Maiden. But it is a fact that he was very much present at that age. Similarly, a deliverer is present for the man of this age.


In the past a small country used to be taken as a world. Therefore, their Divine Guides kept themselves limited to those countries or nations only. Now the whole world has become a global village, its Deliverer is the only one who is waiting for an appropriate time to appear.


A question tickles the minds, if he is present, then where is he? In reply to this question, I will put a counter question to my reader:


“Do you intend to have contact with him? ASK your inner sole whether you are serious about this contact “?

And if you achieve a spiritual approach to him, will you obey his orders and commands? If the answer is affirmative, I am going to tell you a method to contact the Divine Guide and receive his instructions directly. You will have to undergo a bit of labor and the deliverer of this age will meet you in dream or waking and provide you the requisite guidance. But the condition is that his behests should be taken as the last word and his orders regarding religion or worldly affairs must not be disobeyed in any case. If you take this convenient firmly with that lord, there will be no delay in having contact.


The preparation for the contract should start from any Friday. Take a bath at night falling between Thursday and Friday


Try to reform your diet, because it plays a vital role. The diet should comprise of green vegetables and fruit. Every type of flesh food should be avoided. Ghee, milk, curd and butter must not be used. In a case of dire necessity, vegetable oil viz. corn oil can be used but in a very small quantity. But it will be better not to use the same. Diet should be taken lesser than needed. The diet to be used i.e. vegetables should be self-cooked and before cooking wash them thoroughly with plenty of fresh water.


The loose cotton dress might be used. It should be washed and cleaned by yourself. None else should be allowed to touch it. It should neither be starched nor ironed.


During this period sex should be avoided in all shapes. Films, dramas, and other things exiting sex are to be avoided. Even a sexual look is highly undesirable. Body, its parts and even thinking is to be kept free from sex.


The tongue should be strictly guarded against moral evils. One should not talk without a pressing need. Neither songs nor back-biting is to be listened to.

To Ease Nature:


In the latrine after easing nature, fully wash. A single drop or an iota of filth should not be on body, dress, or even footwear.


Abstinence, sobriety and control of passions and to take care of all the above things is necessary during this procedure. The tighter you observe it, the sooner you achieve the goal.


The duration of observing the said procedure is one week minimum or two weeks maximum viz. from one Friday to another Friday or till the third Friday. During the period of observance one should not preferably leave his abode even for ritual prayer. If you have to go per force, then go reciting the line which is coming in the following paragraph. While walking, keep your look down.

The Recitation:

Take a bath at the mid-night between Thursday and Friday and wear the dress already washed for this purpose. A self-washed mat or cotton sheet should be spread on the floor of a separate room or roof. Sit eastward thereon touch the floor with your forehead and nose and read the following recitation in that condition 313 times.


“Ya Hadi Nawwir Qalbee be Hidayatik “.


Translation: “O Guide! Enlighten my heart with the light of your guidance.”


The recitation should be on the tongue and its meanings in the mind. After repeating it for 313 times rise to the sitting position and address or request your Deliverer without naming him. He is to be addressed by just saying ‘ O my Guide ‘. Then talk to him obediently in your own words. There is no restriction that the words might be the same but the purport should be the same. One may say like following:


O our deliverer in this world and the next, O our Guide, I have come to know about you that you are very much present in this world and not far from anybody. From wherever we should invoke, you hear the same. I confess my all faults and sins before you vacate I believe that your exalted self forgives those who admit their guilt. O, my master and lord, I don’t know where you are. Had I known it, I would have presented my humble self to you. I am sure you know where I am. In discharging the duty entrusted to you by God Almighty, kindly assure me of your presence in a way that I may have a firm belief of the same.


You please guide me. I present my religious matters, faith, and worldly affairs before you. I present the blank paper of my mind. Presently I have neither any religion nor belief. From today onwards my religion and belief will be that which you imprint on this blank paper. I make a covenant with your exalted self that I shall obey your orders. The belief given by you will be my religion. I will consider things allowed by you as lawful and not allowed as prohibited. I offer my assistance (though you need it not) of every kind. Kindly include my name in your assistants and servants. I proffer my life, possessions, and honor to your exalted self. You have complete authority to spend the same as you please or wherever you like. But kindly guide me and take my responsibility of this world as well as the life hereafter. If there is a life after death, there is reward for good and punishment for bad, kindly be my trustee there also. I hand over myself to your great honor. I am ready to accept whatever you like. Kindly assure me of your guardianship here and hereafter.


Now I present my last request that if you don’t assure me of your entity and presence and don’t guide me in the fields of my religion, beliefs, do and don’t, then I will plainly tell my Creator when He will question me about my sins that: Your representative did not guide me despite my request. So there is no fault on my part. Kindly ask your representative about my sins.


O my Guide, O my deliverer, O center of my all love! Take pity on me, be kind to me. Give shelter to a sinful person like me…”


(One may prolong this request and talk like above for as long as one wishes)


Then shut your eyes and try to meditate and concentrate on the image of your Guide. When you feel strongly sleepy, have a slumber on the mat or cotton sheet on which you are sitting.


Continue this observance from one Friday to the other. I am sure that our and your kind lord will guide you. If the guidance is not received within the first week, then prolong the procedure to another week and request as follows:

“I shall wait for guidance till the next Friday. If it is not received till then, I will never return to you and will believe that your exalted self is not present in this world.”

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