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The Second Age of Jesus Christ

Leaders of World Religions

The strongest reason for the religious differences is that we present our religion as divine and revealed and label the rest of religions as unrevealed and self-made. We give a high place to religious books and leaders but after making a research on the differential material in those books we declare their religion as imperfect and our own as quite faultless. We consider it impossible that any other religious leader will emerge after our own leader. Human mind is progressive and a spate of inventions is coming into existence. Every day is bringing new problems.


We consider that divine message stopped in the old past. The result is that the new religious leaders don’t find their proper position and respect. It was due on our part to welcome every religious leader, but we opposed them.


Before Moses the Egyptians were of the view that no messenger of God was due to come. Due to this belief Moses could not get his due though he presented countless miracles and supernatural deeds.


When he passed away, the prophets coming after him faced the same situation because those who believed in a past prophet were not ready to accept the new one. Jesus Christ also met the same fate because Israelites were of the view that Divine guidance had ended with ‘Habakkuk’ and ‘Jeremiah’, whereas the Prophets, whom they believed in, had predicted about the coming Prophets and these predictions were very much with them. But still they firmly believed that no Prophet was to come. Every Prophet who came had similar teachings


as the previous one had and he seconded the teachings of the foregoing Prophet as well. Since the Jews had stuck to their old belief, (No more Prophet was to come) their sages passed a verdict for the crucification of a Prophet of God (Jesus Christ). The masses strongly supported their verdict and Christ was brought to the Crucifix in place of a notorious dacoit named ‘Barabbas’. Had there been flexibility in their belief for a coming Prophet, they would not have done this. Although the Jews and Christians had very strong differences but they were unanimous on the Point that no more Prophet was to come.


When the Holy Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.) announced his Prophethood, he too had to face the


difficulties which the preceding Prophets had undergone. The Muslims, Jews and Christians have not given any importance to the Arian and Mangole religious leaders, whereas their prophethood is proved from the revealed books. These books do not negate the possibility of sending Prophets to the other nations of the world. In Holy Quran there are so many verses which provide that every nation will have a Prophet or a Divine guide. But we are not ready to accept them as such. This fact also goes without opposition that the moral and spiritual teachings imported by these guides were the same which is a salient feature of Islam.


God created man and took his guidance on Himself as a duty. Whenever man went astray some or the other Divine guide was sent to him. This fact is proved from various Quranic verses.


Lord says:


‘Verily we deputed a messenger for every nation’.



‘Necessarily there is a messenger for every nation ‘.


‘No nation is without a Warner ‘.


God has made it compulsory that every Divine guide should speak the language of the people on whom he is deputed. The book he brings must be in the same language. Lord says,


‘We have sent no messenger except he should explain in the language of his nations ‘.



After going through the preceding Verses of Quran, it is proved beyond every doubt that no nation in the past remained without a Divine guide. Every age and nation had its own guide.

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