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Point For Considration

Point for Consideration:-

The preceding prophecies present many lessons on one hand and at the other invite the attention of the naked society of Europe and America to the point that dereliction of Divine rule will result in a disaster. The Western world today is making fun of legal marriages. The illegitimate offspring is not considered objectionable. Adultery has become an everyday routine. They should think over the behest of Jesus Christ who said:


“It is better to set a city on fire than to give custom to a bad deed.” Simultaneously he said:


“If someone divorces his wife due to a fault other than adultery, he is guilty of pushing his wife to adultery.”


It is a pity that the followers of such a Prophet are committing incest and fornication as a token of civilization. They are giving birth not to their sons and daughters but they are procreating soldiers of Dajjal, fuel for hell and enemies of Jesus Christ and Moses. They are levying the army for the Devil in the name of their offspring, who will go to hell along with their parents. The prophet Moses has clearly said:


“A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord, even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord.” Deuteronomy Chapter 23 (2)

If the followers of Moses give currency to fornication and insist on making an addition to the number of bastards, and get the resolution passed from assemblies to finish the matrimony, it is better that they should cease to call themselves as the followers of pious personalities like Moses and Jesus Christ. Instead of defaming them, they should not call themselves Jews and Christians. They should choose some other label for themselves. They should call themselves anti-God or something like that. I would like to make a similar request to Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs that they should give prior importance to matrimony in accordance with the rules, set forth by their respective religions, They should guard the purity of their respective races because marriage is a sacred link between a man and woman and it should not be wasted and lost for carnal luxury. It should be observed as a religious obligation so that the offspring may not be of a Devilish race.


Coming again to the main point, the duration of Dajjal, Sufiyani, and the false Christs will remain for six years. This is a very dangerous period and it has been said for this time that:


“Those who will make haste will be ruined.” To follow every false Christ in haste will definitely end in destruction. In such a situation it is better to wait so that the difference between Right and Wrong becomes visible. This will facilitate the support of Right.

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