The scriptures relate to how the prophets, angels, and human beings will be called. They will be brought together by the following methods.


  1. A call from heaven.
  2. A terrible thunder, a big roar, or a great explosion.
  3. Soor or Horn (This is made of the horn of an animal). Some use the cover of the shell for this purpose.
  4. A call and declaration made by a personality who will appear in the sun up to the waist and
  5. The angels who will be employed to send for the people.


Out of these sources, it cannot be told which will be used first and so on. The Holy Quran makes a mention of these as follows:


“And listen carefully when a proclaimer will proclaim from a very short distance.”


“The day when the people will hear a big roar. They will hear it surely. This will be the day of emergence.”


  • Verily, we gave life and we gave death. All are to come to us.”

“When the earth will burst and they will come out running. To assemble them in this way is easy for us.”


It has been told in Tafseer Kate-ul-Bian that Imam Sadiq (A.S) said this right roar will be about our Qaim (A.S) (the Last Great Leader). The Quranic verse says God Almighty will help his prophets in their life and on a particular day. This ‘particular day’ is a reference to the day when the last Great Leader will emerge. On that day a proclaimer will proclaim the name of the Great Leader with the name of his father. There will be proclamations to be heard by everyone:


  1. “O people, hear that the curse of God is on the cruel.”
  2. That which was to come has come.
  3. A human body will appear in the sun and will proclaim: “O’ people, one who was to come, has come. “Then he will give the full introduction tracing the lineage of the Great Leader to his Great Grandfather Ali (A.S), the chief of believers. The Holy Quran further says:


“It is but one shout and behold them brought together before us.”

yasin (52)


“The day, when the trumpet is blown. On that day we assemble the guilty white-eyed, (with terror)” Al-Taha(102)


“A day when the trumpet is blown and ye come in multitudes”

Al-Naba(The Tiding 18)


” And when the trumpet shall sound one blast.”

Al-Haqqah (The Reality 13)

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