What will happen in the future? This is the question that is of equal importance from an individual to a nation. A youngster also wants to know what will be his future. Numberless scholars are busy day and night trying to tell what will be the future of this planet, which is called Earth. Some tell about the future in the light of politics, others with reference to economics. In short thousands of scholars are expressing their opinions about the future of so many departments of life.


We should not forget the fact that the planet on which we are dwelling contains only 30% of land and the rest is water. Out of this 33%, 13% is also out of the reach of man because it consists of mountains, glaciers, valleys, rivers sand other things due to which it is not inhabitable. The remaining 20%, on which man resides, has the resources that sustain man and animal. When we talk of the future of this planet that means this 20% because this is the land of problems.


All the people who talk about the future; present their estimates about a limited period. Some include in their estimate for one generation only and others two or three more.


The scientists of the present age are of the view that our solar system will run up to 40 or 50 billion years more. Then our small sun will get consumed and it will become dwarfish. If we consider the age of this planet only half a million years instead of 50 billion years, we will not be able to decide as to what will be the future. Meaning to say, after half a million years what will be the total population of this planet? What progress the science make during this period? How much change would Geography undergo? What will be our Economic resources and what will be the evolutionary shape of man?


There is a possibility that during this span of time, a man may destroy all his progress. In single or more global wars all the scientific progress made up to this time may come to a naught by big bomb explosions. And thus the man may be forced to live in another stone age. There is also a likelihood that man may control the population and make it proportionate to the resources. There is another possibility also that there might be a heavy increase in population and man may not find an inch of land to dwell on. There is yet another possibility which cannot be ruled out that man may set the atmosphere of some other planet according to his needs and requirements and shift the extra population there. Anyhow nothing can be predicted with certainty on this behalf.


Some scholars are of the opinion that the future will see a clash of a few great civilizations on this planet. As a result of it, only that civilization will survive which is the strongest. We are observing this phenomenon with regard to the culture and customs these days. There is a collision but in the shape of a bargain. For example, the USA has given Michel Jackson to the Yellow races (China, Japan, etc.), whereas the Yellow races have given them yoga, Judo, Crate, Kingfo, etc. It is something else that what America gave is something negative and what she got is something healthy.


The USA has bestowed upon poor countries a lot, whereas the poor countries have given her drug mafia and thus have settled the account with the USA. This is an interchange and not a clash. The reason for this is that in former days this world was considered to be a big one. But now it has contracted. The speedy sources of transportation and electronic media have shortened the distance between the various corners of the world. To copy is the nature of man. This imitation is wrongly called the transfer of culture. For example, if Mara Dona puts a ring in his ear, many young persons put rings in their ears. If Agasi wears loose shirt, many young boys copy him. If some heroin chooses some special hairstyle in a certain drama, the girls try to imitate her. So this is actually imitation and not the transfer of culture, because it does not last long. A man cannot copy another one for a long time.


In these days it has become a fashion to call Islam a civilization and thus make it a bugaboo. It is perhaps being expected by the Westerners that if there is a clash of civilizations, the Islamic Civilization is sure to survive. That is why they are trying to wipe out its values. The real position is that the Westerners fully know that Islam is a religion and not a culture or civilization.

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