Book StoryHow The Man Came on The Earth

How The Man Came on The Earth

There are so many answers to this question. I present only two theories. The first is that as a result of the great deluge in Noah’s time, all humanity perished. All human beings present on the earth now are the offspring of Noah’s three sons: Sam, Ham and Yafis.

Sam is the father of white coloured races;

Ham is the father of Black coloured races; and Yafis is the father of Yellow coloured races: Chinese, Korians and Japanese.

The other theory says that in the Deluge of Noah’s time only Iraqians had drowned. Meaning thereby that only those perished on whom Noah was deputed. It is not correct to suppose that the whole of humanity had been wiped out.

The point of time which is given by the Bible for the said episode is approximately 2144 B.C. The past remains of that period negate the fact that the deluge covered the whole earth.

The latest research has revealed that the time of Deluge (1) is 50,000 B.C. and that it was confined only to Iraq.It has also come to light that flood level was 25 Feet. This stands proved too that in the far past the human races had spread from Europe to Sweden and from Iraq to Far East (China).


  • It is worth mentioning that the Genealogical Tables which are prevalent are not authentic. The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) has directed,


Now I again come to the promise of Almighty God made to various nations that Divine guidance will continue. God Almighty has said in Holy Quran that no nation remained without a Divine Guide. No set of people was there to whom a prophet was not sent. It can be said in the light of the said Quranic provision that all the religions present with their revealed books, are not the creation of any human mind but were brought by the Divine Guides from God Almighty. It may be semantic religious books like Old and New Testaments and other scriptures or Arian books like Geeta, Pran, Ramain or Mahabharat, Avesta and Gatha or Jain or Buddh religious books, in fact all have been revealed by God Almighty.

The fact is that man is evil by nature. Therefore, he is inclined to evil and instead of changing himself; he always changed and distorted the Divine Message.


Genealogists trace the lineage of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) up to Adam. Such as Imam Sakhavi, Ibn-e-Jurair and Ibn-e-Ishaq and Shia and Sunni books are following them in this regard. Modern research has proved that the preceding Tradition of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) is quite correct. The genealogical tables given in the Old Testament are wrong and those of Matthew and Luke are also wrong. There are very convincing proofs of this fact, available.

The genealogical Tables available in the said books show individually the age etc. In the light of these, the advent of Adam’s creation or arrival on the earth falls in 3800 B.C. Noah’s year of birth is 2744 B.C. Hud’s year of birth is 2077 B.C. Abraham’s year of birth is 1852 B.C. (Some have told his birth in 2200 B.C. which is not correct.) Ismaeel’s year of birth is1767 B.C. Isaac’s year of birth is 1752 B.C. Jacob’s year of birth is 1692 B.C.

In the light of different versions 14 ancestors intervene from

Abraham to David. David’s year of birth, as given in the book is 1050 B.C. and that of Uzair is 580 B.C. when we test these dates in the light of the modern research, the same do not tally. The civilization traced in Indo-Pak

It is pertinent to repeat that the unreliable matter existing in the revealed books is the human distortion of the original texts. Some scriptures have been distorted to the extent of words and construction, and others with regard to their explanations and interpretations which are far removed from the real intention of the message. Specific books have been written about such distortions in the Testaments and Holy Quran. Such as: “Tragedy of Quran”. We are not concerned with the fact whether or not the revealed books were subjected to corruption but we see that a positive answer is available in these books to the question that despite the distortion do these books help a man in becoming a good man ?

There is no difference about the oneness of ‘God Almighty’ among these books. The opposing portions are no more than insertions and distortions. The obligatory

date back even to 7,000 B.C. Some of the stamps found out from Mohanjodaro belong to 2500 B.C. and still others to 4000 B.C.

The point of time fixed for the Sind valley civilization, is 4800 B.C., by modern research. Where as the Genealogical tables show the arrival of Adam in 3800 B.C. This means that one thousand years before Adam there were big cities of civilized nations existing in Sind. The research about Ood tribe has proved that this tribe entered Indo-pak in 4500 B.C. via western bank of Persian Gulf and spread to Rajputana. The irresistible conclusion we reach at is that the creation of Adam took place 700 years later than the Ood tribe entered Indo-Pak subcontinent. Such scientific proofs strike hard at the credibility of the said -bles. The safest way therefore is that we should trust in the preceding quoted Tradition of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) and should not take Tables as correct beyond Adnan. The lineage of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) is as under:

1.Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) (2) Abdullah (3) Abdul Muttalib (4) Hashim (5) Abd-e-Munaf (6) Qusay (7) Kilab (8) Murra (9) Lovee (10) Ghalib (11) Fahir (12) Malik (13) Nasar (14) Kinana (15) Khuzaima (16) Mudrika (17) Ilyas (18) Maaz (19) Nazar (20) Maad (21) Adnanu sua aj.

nature of the do’s and don’ts of ‘God Almighty’ is proved from every book. It is also obligatory to believe in the Divine Guide. The difference is distortive. The moral principles are concurrent in all the books. Every book clearly predicts about a coming guide. The difference is distortive. The last and not the least, every book stresses the arrival of a great guide in the last age who will emerge when injustice will be at the peak and he will take the world to the peak of ideal justice. This guide has various names in various books. Where an attempt has been made in these books, to conceal this fact with divergent interpretations, the material is distorted.

The principles laid down for the attainment of spiritual exaltation are also common. So after so many common factors the differences do not seem justified. In any revealed book (even after a large amount of distortion), falsehood, murder, decoity, fraud and cruelty have not been approved or appreciated. The importance of concentration, oneness of ‘ God Almighty’, requital of good and bad deeds, life after death and the Day of Judgments is the same without even a slightest change in all the revealed books. All the principles annunciated by Islam are present in all other religious books in total similarity. The difference about Prophet-hood is distortive because in Old and New Testaments the arrival of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) has been clearly predicted. These predictions are very much there in Hindu books as well as in Mahatma Buddha, Sawami Mahabir and Jain books; only with an attempt to conceal the same with uncalled for interpretation.

The most important similarity is that as in Islam, the arrival of a Divine Guide in the last age is provided. All the other living religions contain the same concept. This is the common feature that forces us to think that

the Intellect behind all these religions is the same i.e. God Almighty. Since all the religions originate from the same source, there can be no contradiction in them. I would like to say to those who try to whip the prejudices among the nations of the world, that all the religions have prophesied with one accord, the emergence of the last Greatest Guide and a perfect Representative of the ‘First Light’ in the last age.

Is it not possible that we should forget our past and should not take to task the people of this age, in place of the by gone persons? Should we not collectively wait for the last Divine Guide, who will unite all the religions and make the whole world a family?

The Holy Quran has laid a golden principle about the past that do not worry about the past people.

“Those are a people who have passed away. Theirs is that which they earned, and yours is that which ye earn. And Ye will not be asked of what they used to do.”

AL-BAQARAH (The Cow -134)

So, instead of criticizing the scriptures, we should think in the present times, about our future. We should completely avoid all the vices and sins and try to have a close contact with the ‘First Light’ through pure worship. We should attempt to purify our own soul through concentration and meditation. We should pray to Almighty to bring that blessed period soon when we will be able to have a complete view of the ‘First Light’ and see his ‘Perfect Representative’ on the seat of Justice to implement the will of Almighty among the vicious people, as it is carried out in heavens. May this golden period of peace and tranquility come soon.

It is not sure that the coming Divine Guide will name his code of ethics as Islam or something else. If we begin to guess that what religion will be brought by the coming Guide, it will give birth to an endless strife. What we need to think is that every order of that Guide will be the order of God Almighty. His religion will be the rightist religion. His obedience will be the obedience of Lord. Only his religion will prevail. All other religions will perish. All virtuous men (they may belong to any religion or creed) will find refuge with him and all the vicious men (they may belong to any religion or creed) will be handed over to Divine chastisement. It is only he, whose reign will be the reign of peace and prosperity

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